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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 7, 2017 1:37am-2:05am EDT

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♪ tonight -- a new fast and furious feud. >> let me clear it up now for "e.t." >> the rock slammed by tyrese. the cast taking sides. what we just learned about the turmoil behind the scenes. after maks and
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dancing drama. is couple squaring off? >> how the stress is getting to terrell and cheryl. did katy's pay day cause trouble with the other judges? ♪ i don't even need a wedding ring ♪ >> gwen's new music. gushing over blake. faith hill and tim mcgraw's anniversary plans. >> how could you live with that in your house? it's does gisting. this is "entertainment tonight." so the stars of the "fast and furious" block buster say they're a happy family. a nasty feud going on this second. >> you want to hear fighting words? here they co-. tyrese gibson all in against dwayne johnson. calling him a clown. >> if any of us tried to do this movie on our own, it would only go so far. >> big mistake. >>
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about an ensemble cast bringing all of our magic together. >> reporter: and that is exactly what's behind tyrese's "fast and furious" social media rant against dwayne johnson. >> me and you, one on one. no one else around. >> reporter: universal announced johnson and jason statham will star in a "fast and furious" spin-off, to hit theaters july 2019. "the fast 9" sequel is now pushed back one year to 2020. saying dwayne broke up the "fast" family, tyrese says he previously turn down a spin-off offer because what makes us great is when you see you will august toll. we don't fly solo. a studio source tells us that the climb is 100% not true. >> reporter: tenet
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guys is nothing new. while filming "fate the furious" dwayne called out sof of his male co-stars for being unfro unprofessional. seemingly calling out vin diesel. where does it stand now? >> often time, like in life, you have different philosophies on how you do things. i'm happy that in the movie, i'm, what's that thing? oh, amazing. >> reporter: vin told me they moved on. >> we still love each other. that's my boy. >> reporter: it seems like he's supporting his guy, tyrese. vin posted this shot with the caption, brotherhood. i think this will get crazier before it gets worked out. tyrese and the rock not the only ones butting heads. maks feudan
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i now hoe tense it gets between partners. i wanted to see how the stress affects terrell owens. >> it's like an arranged marriage. you do it because it's a job. >> at the end of the day, because i have to perform. you know, what i mean? >> eye know what i'm doing. >> exactly. >> reporter: the two-time mirrorball champ not afraid to tell it like it is to the former pro footballer. >> we butt heads. i'm not one to say, okay, mr. terrell owens. anything you want. no, i'll fight you. >> she hasn't backed down. >> reporter: so what do these two bicker over? >> i will admit, i'm not always on time. but when i am here, i make the most of the time that i'm here in the rehearsal room. i'm all in. >> is he all in? >> he is, when he's here, he's all in.
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and i'm hard on him because i know his potential. when he does it right, he looks amazing. >> is she stuff in they she cracks the whip is this. >> like sergeant slaughter. there are communication barriers. trying to get me to understand her world. >> how do you guys kind of get through that and move on? >> we just have to -- >> do you? >> after the fight. you go head to head you give each other a hug? >> at the end of the day, we have the same goal. >> this, ballroom dants, dancing -- >> it's a sport to me. people say it's an art. >> it's an art. >> no, it's an art and sport. it's called dance sport actually. >> i'm going let you figure this out. >> it will be a 45-minuting ament. >> they're still arguing, by the way. cheryl and terrell will per fom to "i have nothing" on monday night. the theme, the most memorable
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a memorable week for the new judging panel on "american idol." did katy's reported $25 million payday cause a huge problem? >> just laughing backstage. >> it's so silly. only 20 hours in. >> reporter: is katy laughing all the way to the bank? ♪ baby you're a firework >> reporter: a new report says her rumored $25 million payday blew the budget. igniting fireworks between luke bryan and lionel richie, who were left demanding more money. >> i got paid more than pretty much like any guy that's been on the show. >> reporter: abc reportedly wanted to spend no more than $50 million on talent. so if katy got $25 million, and host ryan seacrest got $15 million. that would have left $5 million each for luke and lionel. but what were they initially offered? reportedly half that. ♪ hello >> reporter: that could explain why it took 136 days of negotiations to fill the judges' table. the guys' salary now? reportedly still less than a third of katy's. at $7 million each. >> boom.
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we revert back to howled us in here. >> reporter: luke and katy just met for the first time, wrapping two days of ten-hour-long auditions. >> this could be all night long. ♪ all night long ♪ all night >> reporter: the show premiers in 2018. abc refutes these figures. they say, the deals were done within the original budget. meantime, katy's ex, russell brand, is happy she got her cash. >> i certainly wouldn't comment in the negative. i wish her the best. >> there's a lot of love, and think chemistry with the new "idol" judges. >> we know there's chemistry for two coaches on the voice. could the couple be set to the take the relationship to the next level. ♪ i can't wait to give all the my love ♪ >> reporter: we're hoping for wedding bells. but jingle bells are all we're getting right now. gwen just dropped her new holiday album today. and basically told the world,
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her relationship with blake is perfect the way it is. need no d a thing i don't even need a wedding ring ♪ >> it's incredible to have -- a best friend like that guy. he's amazing. >> reporter: a source close to the couple tells us even though they don't talk about marriage, gwen and blake talk like they are going to be together forever. we get it. "you make it feel like christmas" sounds more like a love letter to blake with cuts like "never kissed anyone with blue eyes before you" and "my gift is you." ♪ all i need is love and the truth and i got it my gift is you ♪ >> reporter: clearly, there's a lot of love here. our source says gwen's three boys thing he's cool. >> we have so much fun. meanwhile, the gifts keep on coming for the cast of "wil
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grace." nischelle turner was there. le . i'll speak for everyone. >> be estie mariska hargitay announcing an emotional debra messing. >> i surs passed my dream long ago. i'm overwhelmed. humbled. and very emotional. >> reporter: debra's 13-year-old son roman diving in for hugs. of course, debra's "will & grace" co-stars were there. her buddies, con nooe britten and sofia bush were also by her side. >> did you ever dream this? >> no, never, never. my big dream was to be a working actress. >> whoo! >> finally, we're coming out. it's very kiting. >> we were with messing on the set of her very first sitcom "ned & stacy" in 1996. >> do i have a man behind me? >> two
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grace." she's still hopeful. >> harry connick jr. is coming back next week. can you tell me? >> it's so good. so good. >> can there be a happy ending? >> who knows? >> i giuess that's what it's lie to be a real star. up next, sharon osbourne givers us a sneak peek at her new project. >> oh, my lord. what is it. >> you have never seen a home renovation show like this. and then, macgyver gets down and dirty. >> you're disgusting. but still weirdly sexy. >> is he enjoying his action star dating status? >> are they com
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♪ "e.t."
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♪ how old was george when you lost him? >> 17. >> that's a long time. >> he started to look like an aging rock star. >> oh, that's good. >> he was skinmy/fat. had big hair. and, you know, no teeth. open sores. but -- still sexy. >> like the ladies need another reason to love ryan gosling. he touched a lot of heart telling ellen about his best friend who passed away in december. ryan wears george's dog tags as a necklace. another star who loves dogs is sharon osbourne the. one of her dogs is named bella. she was this the room when i interviewed sharon. i guess she got bored. hold on, hold on. the dog is snoring. she's snoring.
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we just did an entire intervie . have she's out for the count. >> that's the best thing ever. ever. while bella got her beauty rest, i spoke to sharon about her new tv special, where she turns dumpy houses into dream homes. with the help of some colorful language. >> i flip houses and i'm [ bleep ] at it. >> what you to see that the regular person doesn't see? >> potential. >> mm. >> potential. have you ever seen those signs, we buy ugly houses. >> yeah. you buy ugly houses? and turn them into something beautiful? >> yeah. it's like [ bleep ] is going on in here. it was like a jigsaw puzzle. how could you live with that in your house? how did you do it? they go, what's wrong with it. i like it. you go, it's disgusting. >> reporter: "sharon flipping osbourne" premiers tonight on we-tv. >> oh, my lord. the landscaping, what sit? it's mud and -- >> it's nothing. >> what's the one
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make? >> they walk away fromhe way they want them at the time. you can make it what you want. people can't see past what they initially see. >> i love sharon. i love her hontsty. she is one of my all-time favorites. >> you never know what she's going say next. you have to love that. monday on "the talk" they'll celebrate sharon's 65th birthday. the audience will be made up of cancer survivors. still ahead, tim and faith celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss. and what maid item compare faith to this. >> it's like a nascar trying to keep up with an indy car. don't mess with cate blanchett. she's getting cool points at home. >> are you the you havest person in the house hold? >> always have been 37. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ for the rest of my life that is faith hill and tim mcgraw's brand-new video, "the rest of our lives." the title of the new album. co-written by ed sheeran. is there the man knows how the write a song. i like it. today happens to be tim and faith's 21st wedding anniversary. we looked back on their road to happily ever after. ♪ it's your love it just does something to me ♪ >> reporter: their love story started back in 1996 when faith opened up for tim on tour. >> i hd really hot chick on the road with he. i'm not going into detail. it was great tour, i can tell you that. >> reporter: sparks flew. and in june, tim proposed.
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they wed in october. and in december, they announced faith was pregnant. ♪ let's make love all night long ♪ >> reporter: 21 years and three daughters later, these two are still making sweet music. ♪ ♪ how do you talk to a woman >> reporter: they've been on tour since april. next month, for the first time ever, they're releasing an album together, so what can we expect? >> a record together. >> there's some pure duets on there. we have our own records in there. >> what is the best part about touring together? >> for me, it's hearing her sing every night. that's the best part about it. ♪ this kiss this kiss >> to see her on stage having a great time, belting it out. when i'm on stage with her, it's like nascar trying to keep up with an indy car. she's that good. ♪ i can feel you breathe >> what do you want for your
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>> he doesn't need to get mhee making surprises. >> i got it figured out. i'm going to let you hang out with me that day. >> oh, that's the best gift ever. that's amazing. i get on do that four-hour workout with you? no thank you. >> whatever you're doing, you keep on doing it. it's working, man. tim and faith will spend their anniversary in houston performing on their soul 2 soul. cate blanchett has plenty on celebrate. she's the first vale ever in a marvel movie. she's this "thor: ragnarok." is is i true you're the first female villain in marvel history? >> yes. >> i only realed it on set. you think, wow, it's taken this long to catch up. oh, i've missed this.
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>> reporter: when you have the handle goddess of deathpe >> my happiest time. i have enjoyed it. i don't speak today. i can just throw axes into someone's gut. >> reporter: and she can manifest weapons from many parts of her body. >> i thought you would be glad to see me. >> reporter: in cate's cross-hairs, thor and hulk. how is it to add someone like cat toerks the cast? >> amazing. >> amazing. >> it's a contact high. you stand near a person and you get lifted. >> kneel, before your queen. >> do you get huge cool points at home? >> definitely. my daughter's first experience being on set. she thinks i do that all the time. acting is manifesting weapons out of your hands and killing people. >> reporter: are you now the toughest person in your house hold? >> always have been. >> she
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in a good way.right? we know cate is tough. but so is macgyver. in a different way. tonight, mac is hoping to get himself out of a different hole. >> ready? >> welcome to a closed off street this downtown atlanta. i'm about to be on set with m k macgyver himself. >> he's getting out of a sewer right now. he's covered in, imagine what this is. >> you can disgusting. but still weirdly sexy. there you go. >> well, thank you. i appreciate that. >> reporter: the rest of the country thinks lucas is pretty sexy, too. season one was a consistent friday night ratings winner for cbs. >> are you more comfortable this year. you're more like, i am macgyver. i've got this. >> last year, it was terrifying. now i do all the goodwill hunting equations on the the board. really comfortable.
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brawn.orter: and when the u.s. but when things get too dicey, they call in this guy. stunt double mike wilson. >> there was two of you on set today. equally dirty. equally shaggy. >> he'll do it when the cars are in front and behind me. >> this is going to hurt. >> jennifer lawrence? >> hilarious. she's funnier than me. >> miley cyrus? >> a bawl of energy. >> t. swizzle. >> a hard worker. >> how about the ladies? anyone special in your life? are they coming out of the woodwork? >> i am married to my job right now. stup as that sounds. >> this is what celebrities say when they're available. >> that's kind of what i was trying to say there. >> keltie knight trying to help a guy out. >> did you used to use that? >> i'm not going to
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anderson to show up in season two. producers said that would be too obvious. >> that doesn't mean he's not coming back. coming up, behind the scenes of justin timberlake's new project.
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lawyer up to fight back? go to "e.t.".com for the details. promo considerations provided by --
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all right. before we go, a lot of buzz about justin timberlake performing at the super bowl half time. not confirmed by justin or the nfl. so while we're waiting for that, with e can tell you this. justin is busy producing music. >> we have your first look at j.t. in the studio mentoring and producing the band, shadowboxes. >> mute every track except for the first four tracks. ♪ ♪ having fun >> i think the guy knows what he's doing. >> he's learning. >> he's learning. sounds good to me. the new single, "hot damn" is available right now. >> take care, everyb
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